Brand New MUKE MU-2G

The Slow Juicer


Life in harmony with nature
and “a healthy mind in a healthy body”
are crucial building blocks to the Japanese way of life, a long and joyful life. We follow the Japanese way when creating our products. Here you will find time not only for others but, most importantly for yourself.


10 years warranty on motor
10 years warranty on motor

Only 30 rpm
Only 30 rpm

Silent operation (40-50dB)
Silent operation (40-50dB)

Efficient. Even more juice
Efficient. Even more juice

MUKE Juicers - The slow juicer

Major features of MUKE MU-2G:

Muke: The Next Generation

State of the art MUKE MU-2G is the fruit of our engineers’ experience and years long hard work. We constantly improve and make our product better.

Three strainers to choose from

The Slow Juicer comes equipped with two strainers made of ultra durable Ultem, one for traditional juices and another for smoothies. Optional 'blind' strainer for sorbets is also available.

Magnetic lock for safe operation

Our slow juicer is equipped with magnetic lock, which prevents operation in case of foul device assembly. This minimizes the risk of damaging the device, unintentional operation or starting the device by a child.

Scratch resistant shell

The body of your juicer is manufactured from highly resistant light-hardened material, which guarantees scratch resistance and great looks of the juicer for years.

Health and safety

All elements in contact with juice are manufactured from high quality components – ultra hardened, safe for health and free from dangerous substances as BPA.

Ultra durable TritanTM Bowl

The bowl and juice containers are made of a highly durable material – Tritan, which has replaced glass parts. It is safe and long lasting.

Technical specifications

Manufacturer: MUKE
Model: MUKE MU 2G
EAN code: 0701197955974
Device Type: Slow juicer
Motor type: Brushless Induction Motor
Power [W]: 160W

Motor speed [RPM]: 30 RPM
Noise level [dB]: 40-50 dB
Dimensions: 15x15x43 cm; (Assembled 15x15x23)
Weight: 5,2 kg
Warranty: 10 years on Motor

Auger: PEI Ultem™
Juice bowl: TRITAN PCTG
Body: Scratch resistant UV coated
Certificates: CB, CE/LVD, EMC, LFGB, Rohs
Strainers: PEI Ultem™ Stainless steel

Certificate - 1
Certificate - 2
Certificate - 3

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