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What can be grown in our farms?


All leafy greens like salads, basil, mint,
rucola and many more herbs, microgreens, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms!

Each Muke Farm is controlled by artificial intelligence, robotic technology and machine learning algorithms. There is no space for human error! Our farms are self-sufficient "gardens" working 365 days a year 24/7.


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01 September 2022
We are pleased to announce the new agreement with the operator of of one of the largest food retail chains brand in the World . Our vertical farm will be
22 April 2022
Fresh produce is the best produce, and nothing could be fresher than crops you've just harvested at your doorste. To that end, Wrocław-based startup Muke wants to give consumers direct
21 February 2022
Muke vertical farming is different than all other solutions on the market. Please see the difference between Muke Farming and other solutions on the market. NO AUTOMATION All main  processes

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