Introducing Muke Vertical Farms

Our farms consume up to 75% less energy comparing to traditional vertical farming systems.

Muke farms use 95% less water, no pesticides and soil.

We are the rapidly growing farming company relies on the vertical cultivation of food crops in a controlled environment that uses 95% less water, land than conventional agriculture and does not require chemical pesticides.

Farm-Fresh Produce
delivered grown at your doorstep

Muke's pioneering modular farming business model enables the cultivation of fresh produce within food-focused retail spaces, restaurants, and even large wholesale warehouses and logistics centers, all strategically located in the heart of urban centers. This innovative approach not only guarantees the utmost freshness of our produce but also eradicates the environmental impact typically associated with traditional farming, warehousing, and the extensive transportation of goods over vast distances. What's more, we achieve all of this in the most cost-effective manner, providing our products at prices lower than those of current suppliers.

Muke farms compared to traditional, vertical farming solutions.

Muke Vertical Farming: Setting a New Standard



  2. All main  processes within the vertical farm are managed manually by human decisions and labour.

  4. All subsystems that mantain the life-cycle of the plant (i.e. lighting on/off, nutrient PH control, air temp, and humidity control) can mantain cycles and set points without human input.

  6. The beginning and end phases of the crop cycle (i.e. seeding, germinating, harvesting, packaging) are automated using non-intelligent machines, much like traditional manufacturing.

  8. There is no human interaction with the plants, which are moved, fed, monitored and inspected by machines and computers that can adaptively respond to plants needs.

  10. The only human intervention is in defining the outputs of the self-sufficient system; all farm operations are automated, including required input refills, servicing and maintenance operations.

  12. The only humans involved are customers; the farm responds automatically to the demand of the market and coordinates logistics and delivery without human decision-making and labor.

Typical modular farming unit for retailers/supermarket

L240 x W100 x H300


Annual harvest

per module: 
17,500 plants
+ 2,500 trays of microgreens (50g each)

Typical modular farming unit for distribution centres

L500x W310 x H432

Annual harvest

per module: 
130 000 plants
+ 6500 trays

of microgreens

(50g each)

Our innovative technology


At Muke, our cutting-edge technology automates the entire cultivation process, overseen and managed centrally by our dedicated team at our HQ. Our scalable farm modules are strategically placed at your location, offering customized solutions that can be easily tailored to meet your specific needs, thanks to their modular design.

In Muke Farms you can grow:


  • All types of leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, kale etc.

  • Basil, rucola, mint and other herbs

  • Variety of microgreens

  • Fresh mushrooms

  • Cherry tomatoes

  • Medicinal plants

  • Cut flowers

  • Exotic and specialty crops

Each Muke Farm is powered by advanced artificial intelligence, robotics, and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, ensuring precision in every aspect. Human errors are eliminated!

Our farms serve as self-sufficient 'greenhouses,' tirelessly operating around the clock, 365 days a year.